Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Born of the Gods Pre-Release Follow Up

Sorry for the belated news...I was WAY TO TIRED to blog after that tournament!

Well, I didn't make Top 8...

Also, I didn't get any of the cards that I said I wanted...In fact, didn't see anyone with those cards either.  I saw one Mogis all night.  I never saw a Phenax, a Hero of Iroas, or a Brimaz.  Also, I don't think the Planeswalker Kiora made an appearance.

No one played Bile Blight against me.  I saw Searing Blood against me a couple of times, though.

In short, most of the excitement didn't seem to happen at the Tangled Web.  It is all a game of chance, and I guess it wasn't this tournament's turn!

So what did go down?

I pre-ordered Blue, as told in my previous post.  I believe I was right in that decision...Even though I play black.


Here is a picture of all my proud new acquisitions!

What?  An improvement in photo skill!  More on that in a later post!

First of all, These are my proud new cards, either because I have a use for them or they became the most useful new cards during the tournament.  I am only including the Born of the Gods cards...not the Theros cards I got.

Let's get the Elephant out of the room first.  I did NOT play Xenagos.  I wound up with a four color deck...a weak strategy to start with...I didn't get that many good creatures.  Since my box was seeded blue, I tried to focus it in that direction.  But at the end of the day, a little green and a little red did make it into my 40 cards...But Xenagos didn't make it.  He costs so much mana, and his ability didn't really go with what I was doing.

The most successful cards for me were Whelming Wave, and also Floodtide Serpent.  Evanescent Intellect was the card that I targeted Floodtide Serpent with in order to allow him to attack.

I actually considered NOT playing this guy.  He got me some early wins.

My deck was largely Black and Blue, with a small red splash and a small green splash.  Two of my boosters had Temple cards as their rares....This cut down on some of what I could do.  The red was there for Crackling Triton, in order to enable his ability.  The green was there for Kiora's follower, who didn't make a single appearance all night.  I tried to build my deck around card advantage....It was a blue deck after all.  But that didn't really work out so well.

My record as the night panned out became 3 wins, 3 losses.  I believe I was outclassed by the other players, and outclassed by my skills at deck building.  I also feel a little screwed because I had such a poor pool of rares...Xenagos stood above the others, but didn't match the direction I took.

I could have....Could have...Could have.    But I didn't.  And what is done is done.

The success of the night was the new cards, getting my hands on them, playing with them or trying to anyways, and trading also when it was all over.

I traded one of my Herald of War's for Eater of Hope, who is going into my Black devotion deck right away.  And it looks like Xenagos now has a home in that Fencing Ace deck...He can ramp the power of the creatures up REAL HIGH, and in a deck like that, that's what you want.

What am I looking forward to in the big box that I ordered, (Hopefully will get Friday!)  Well, after reading about some decks, it looks like I might make another crack at Azorious, adding Whelming Wave.  If I get a Chromanticore, he is going in my Maze's end deck.  And I will continue to baby the Fencing Ace deck.  So I wlll have to let the world know how that turns out!

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